• Will my this cancer man whos bday is 7/6/88 come back to me my bday is 6/5/87 i love him i cant stop thinking of him i think i sabotage our progression will he ever call me again because i miss him does he miss me does he even think of me if so what does he think of me will he be back soon does he know i love him ?

  • Hello HotVirgorising 🙂

    I don't see him coming back. This was not meant to be a long term relationship. He is not a one woman man at this time in his life. He seems unpredictable,impulsive, and does not take romance seriously. He thinks he is god's gift to women so to answer your question ,Yes he knows you love him, he thinks every woman does.

    He is too selfish, immature and self indulgent for you, in your case you would do better with someone older and more settled.

  • But he did come back yesterday ????????? Should me and him just be friends ?

  • Is there anyway i can make it work because i love him

  • He might have came back into your life but not as you want him to. Can he give you what you need and want? Will he leave his other female "friends" and make you and him exclusive? These are questions you need to ask him, or you will only keep going round and round in circles and find yourself in the same predicament you was in a week ago.

  • hot virgo rising... just because he called you or came back for a ******* and you know what it is. what time did he call you? late at night to see if you are available for you know what? did he invite you out on a date? take you out to dinner, or the movies, or even a lunch?? I will bet he has not. chances are he is only after one thing. a skirt chaser... he thinks with his p e n i s. just because you say you love him, does not mean a thing to him. your choice.

  • why does everyone have to be so harsh with me ? Is it that much of a lost hope ? Should i give up on him ? Its just that i have not felt the way he makes me feel in a long time is that so bad ? If you could tell me if he cared for me at all i would appreciate it why when everyone else gets a reading it seems nicer i mean please im a little soft when it comes to this topic:(

  • Is it possible that he may choose me down the line when he is ready? Will i meet anyone that can get me over him?

  • So what was the purpose of me meeting him at all i just dont understand this

  • omFg!

  • omfg what miss sunny dont reply then wtf is your problem i mean this is love and relationships and it is a freaking place where i can share these types of things i mean are yoiu mad over the internet i sense a little animosity for your info he has offered to take me out and does not always want sex for your information honestly i just used him for sex hints the connection i feel like seriously so dont be mad im just curious smh hatin ass ho

  • "Will i meet anyone that can get me over him?"

    Go out with people and have fun, keep it light, take it slow. I would strongly recommend some meditation also, this helps you get in tuned with yourself.

  • k thanx!

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