Cancer female + male scorpio (love advice)

  • I recently started dating a scorpio man and i was just wondering if i could get some input on what the scorpio cancer relationship was like, ive been seeing him for a month now and ive never seen him get angry or upset about anything.. he says hes really happy because i make him really happy, hes very very sweet, the sweetest guy ive ever been with actually and i thought that that would phase out by now or at least start to phase out and i would start seeing the real him but he hasnt changed. I dont wanna sound unnapreciative but im just used to being treated, well like crap.

    is it possible that he really is this sweet?

  • Yes it is possible. It sounds like he trusts and likes you, and feels safe with you. If I were you I would embrace his sweetness and enjoy him.

    There will be bumps, probably later when/if he tries testing you or vice versa (both signs tend to "test" when they suddenly realize their feelings for the other are stronger than they initially thought, and the possibility of getting hurt occurs to them - then they "test" to see if the other person bails out on them, or if they stay and try to work it out it proves that they truly do feel what they say they do). It is because both signs do this that I personally think a cancer-scorpio relationship can and does work (there is an inherent understanding between cancer and scorpio) IF both people truly want to invest in it.

    Don't read into it. Just enjoy it. The beginning is always the sweetest. Count your lucky stars instead of waiting for them to fall. 🙂

    P.S. I am the opposite combo (scorp fem, cancer guy) but I think the above can be applied to either sex. It's really up to you and him, not astrology.

  • s e x (as in gender) I don't know how that would be blocked out, but that was what I was trying to say.

  • thank you! and i think i did that test thing the other night, ive never cheated on anyone in my entire life and i was hammered and ended up giving one of my male friends a hickie.. i dont even like the guy, maybe it was just my conscience wanting to see how he deals with hurt, effed up I know but i was hammered and well he was upset and i was really really upset but he said that he still wants to be with me, He is Amazing! I dont wanna hurt him 😞 sorry im just venting at this point

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