TheCaptain can you be honest answer this question please?

  • I know you said he was in the friends list but this guy whos bday is 7/6/88 is the one i love so can you please explain why it wont work and also someone whos bday is 6/2/89 hurt me deeply wtf anyway i want you to be honest but not brutal for i feel deply about him and everytime i meet someone new they are nightmares so why do i feel so safe and drawn to him why cant we be i know you said he is in the friends list but i would like to know the exact reasons besides that why do i feel he is the one also i think you are tired of me asking about him since you never replied back 😞

  • With you and the Cancer guy, it started out very magical and fantastic but, although this guy finds aspects of your personality exciting, he thinks you are far too critical and conventional for him to stick around all the time. A romantic relationship here tends to manifest as just a short fling and only vivid memories, disappointment, and bewilderment are left behind when it ends. You two don't make a very good team because you are not very practical or sensible. The whole relationship is very unrealistic. You both thought you had found the ideal partner but the Cancer realised before you that it was just a dream. Fantasy and the imagination are the focus here - that bubble tends to pop quite quickly when it is faced with dull reality.

    With you and the Gemini guy, you two were very well suited, especially being so mentally oriented as you both are. Communicaton should have been easy and, as a couple, you two are much more intuitive than you are individually. However, in your heart, Hotvirgorising, you long for a quiet deep and powerful partner - perhaps a projection of your own dark side - which your Gemini guy was not. There is a conflict inside you between what you need (someone like yourself) and what you want (a shadow projection, your opposite). Your quick-witted friend became quite frustrated over this, especially when he knew that things should be going well between you. Neither of you is very well-grounded but your friend is the more practical and became impatient with your lack of focus. Still any emotional instability here could have been resolved through hard work and dedication. But your friend could tell you were yearning for someone else deep down and not really trying to make things work with him.

    The Gemini man was what you needed but the Cancer guy was what you thought you wanted. When you finally work out what is best for you, you will find true happiness in love. You tend to form relationships with people you want to change or reform, which may upset your partner if you are too critical or overly exacting. Your defensive atttiude and your need to win arguments at any cost can also be off-putting to those around you. Yet once you understand that hypercriticism is merely a result of a poor self-image and you learn to relax more around others by giving up your fear of appearing foolish or unsophisticated, then relationships will become so much more enjoyable and easier.

  • THANX SO WILL HE EVER CALL ME AGAIN?And what could i do to make it work and ps nah that gemini guy broke my heart and left me and his child so sorry thats just not accurate so i would just like to know will the cancer ever call me again and if yes what should i say also does he think of me

  • Why bother asking if you think my advice is not accurate?

  • no just in terms of the gemini man because if he was right for me that would have meant it was meant for me to be cheated on lied to abandoned and constantly verbally abused he would have used me up made me pregnant again etcetc but in terms of the cancer you are right on i would just like a little more detail i would like to know what can i do to win him back if he ever calls me again

  • Plus you have been told by everyone here that this Cancer guy is not right for you and is just using you. Accept it - stop 'psychic' shopping for the answer you want. There's nothing you can do to make him stay with you.

  • 😞 thanx i guess i just need to know why he is using me is he not attracted to me ? and is it my fault or his that it did not work i hate him now

  • sorry if i come off as a pest but why cant i trust my own judgement it seems as though every guy i really like is wrong for me how will i ever be able to trust my own judgement or it is something karmic that makes me feel so strongly about men who are no good for me

  • i dont want someone like me im am needy and spoiled and dramatic i want someone powerful strong i want him to be my beast since im the beauty but not to look like a beast i want a man who will take care of me financially and i want him to love me unconditionally because i am a challenge and hard to get along with do you have any suggestions sorry for all the questions but i love your responses 🙂

  • um, hotvirgorising, to be blunt with you, you really sound as though you need to work on yourself first. A man is not your source of happiness. You are, you should be loving yourself. Work on yourself for a while and then think about the things you would like to change about yourself. If you know you are not the easiest person to get a long with, then why torment someone that you supposably love, that way?

    I went through a very difficult divorce after 15 years of being with this man. I could have easily jumped into another relationship with someone else, however, I knew I was broken, I knew I was sour, and I knew I could not put someone through hell just to be with someone. I decided to work on me, for however long it took me to love....Love me....unconditionally. When you can love yourself in this manner.....then the right man will come for you. Stop trying to chase after a temporary thing. Work on you, and your permanent love will come into your life.

  • thanx alot blindedlove but why should i have to change why cant someone just except me for me i mean i tryed to change it didnt work so its easier to just be myself because when i try to change my normal self just always pops out and im the one hurt in the end because im a gemini and have alot of different personalities but on the flipside your right i am working on me loving me but am curious about this guy i honestly think i just hate the rejection because i rejected him before and now he rejects me and i want the control back ughhhh idk thanx btw you are very right i know i pushed him away but it was DEFINITELY his decision to LET ME if he really liked me he would have excepted me so screw him im over him thanx you have something to do with it 🙂

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