Shuabby can you help me?

  • Can you please tell me if its over between this guy whos bday is 7/6/88 and me 6/5/87 because i find myself obsessing over him and for some reason i feel safe with him but also extremely vulnerable is that good or bad ? Should i move on? Does he even care at this point?Will he be back? And will we become serious ever?Also how come when i try to date other guys it keeps turning into a nightmare ? Its lie he is the only guy i want and i feel drawn to him i have been hurt badly in the past and i can stay emotionally attached for a long period of time even if the person is long gone so im really trying to save myself the heartache but if he is the one i dont want to let him get away.:(

  • sorry i meant its like*

  • HotVirgoRasing,

    You throw in your fishing line in the sea of love and you catch a fellow, do you than take any time at all to get to know him and understand his interior and exterior being at all? Or does everything depend on the intimate side of nature for you? Obsessing over a man is needless and time will teach you that this is truth. You are young and I know you have a wonderful amount of love to give to the right man. First of all you have to respect yourself enough to say NO when need be and set some boundies for yourself as well as others that knock on your door of life. You will be meeting a man around Christmas time as if he is being brought to you as a present. It feels like he likes to read, and he can cook too. He is not flashly but can light your fire for a whole new adventure in life if you allow it.

  • huh but shuabby what about my cancer guy will he call me again i want him only what can you tell me about him

  • and what do you mean when you say the guy i will be meeting is not flashy ? will i not like his appearance ? Does that mean it is over between me and the cancer ? also you are right with me it depends on the vibe i get if it feels right withhim i automatic think there is something there needing to get to fully know them before i come to the conclusion that i like them does not go hand in hand with me i dont NEED to fully know them its all about how they make me feel i guess that is wrong ?and and also when you say if i let him what do you mean because it seems as though i can always get a man but never keep him only the ones i dont want stay

  • Hotvirgorising

    I did not pick up a thing on the cancer coming back into your life. I would assume that means No at this time unless you want to hog tie and rope him back into your arms again.

    Not flashy means he is a common fellow does not dress to fit the current style his hair will actually be a stand out because it is not burred and designed with stars and stripes in it.

    You may iinturnally be drawing men that will not stay because you may want to experience the art of dating before you are ready to settle for one man and be a one man woman. Notting wrong with that only sometimes it can lead to confusion if you really don't map out a life plan for yourself and how you want to be loved and give love in return.

  • ok but you say you didnt pick up a thing ???? well do you or can you even tell me if he thinks of me or misses me or does he even care at all?Was it my fault that he left did he not find me attractive or what is he doing lately has he found a girlfriend

  • i doubt if i will like the fellow that you say is coming to me is he at least handsome why cant i ever have who i really want sorry for all the questions but your answers are greatly appreciated also do can you tell me what if anything you pick up on the cancer man ????????????????

  • The cancer man is senseitive and you seen to come across as a boiling tea kittle that will sprew when things don't go your way. He cared enough to give you the time and than he pulled away due to his own reasons. I 'm not a private eye , I work from intutition and give what I get if I connect with the question. If you want a love psychic you can go to LivePerson and other sites where there are hundreds of them that get paid well . He may not want to be a one woman man at this time. The other man I sense for you will not be an ugly toad , he will be clean cut and laid back, if that is what you like than you will like him. If you like flamboyance than you will have to keep searching.

  • YES Shuabby you are right i am spoiled have been that way all my life it started at home hehe but thanx for responding i guess i should get over him and cant wait until Christmas hehe no really thanx i will never date another cancer its like he is killing me softly!

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