Hanswolfgang helppppp?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • He wants to connect again. He will probably ask you out soon or to hang out with him. I see you going with him and starting over.

  • ?

  • You know hotvirgorising i am glad you want to go further and i will just for you cause i was fixing to get off this forum for the reason you can wish in one hand or crap in the other see which one fills up the fastest every body wants the easy way out even me but guess what it?It don't happen until we put effort into action you can go to 15 different people here and get 15 different answers but guess what nothing changes until you change and the problem becomes how to get from point a to point b .

    Now i am sick and tired of hearing all this crap on here about its ok to keep doing wrong just do it a little different bull, beleave it will happen ,bull . It is only going to change when you bring that change about by becoming willing to change and most of the time we do not have the power to bring that about so we need to find a power greater than our self to help bring about that change .

    Let me say this if you are involved with a ass and you change guess what he is still a ass but you are in a better position to see the truth for what it is not someone trying to convince you differently the whole purpose that what i told you to do is to bring about acceptance own your part of the man you want so bad and you do that for 30 days then see how you feel about it then but you have to deal with you ..You want that man to love you it goes both ways ,do you really understand the true meaning of love and being in love .True Love is saccrafice of self ,are you willing to die for love are you willing to let the man of your dreams and the one you love so much ,to set them free to find thier happiness and thier love and it come from your heart even if it means you will never feel thier love again . And anybody tells you this is easy to do is full of it ,its one of the hardest things you will ever have to do , but the reward is the greatest you will ever get to .

    It is freedom from self and from this freedom we can experience life on life's terms , that may not sound like much but thing of going threw life with no fears no doubts complete contintment and love of life and nature and our fellow man and to have that pure essence of Love . After all the years of trying to live my life the way my Father wanted me to there cam that time of true sacrafice of love but i could not let go and the more i tried to hang own the more it tore it apart so she finaly took the step to end it but i could not wasn't my choice . I tell you this to show you this is not easy but the reward is great today i can say i released her with love and hope the best for her .Does that mean i like it ? No i never wanted it to end ,but i had to love her enough to let it end and by doing so has enabled me to be able to find love again or be willing to love again .

    But i had to fix what and the why i did not want to let her go, i had to do a inventory of me for 12 years i was the happiest i had ever been and with the women i love i would of gave her the moon if i could of, then for 9 years it went steadily down hill i did a lot of things i am not proud of and said alot of things during that time out of desperation of loosing her i would of done just about anything to try and make her see she had stepped out of the light and if she didn't come back in we were doomed and so it happen she stayed in the darkness and it got darker and darker and what was left was fear doubt ,envy ,jealously ,deciete,and trust was totally gone so you see what happens when we love something so much but are not willing to set it free ,it smothers and dies .

    I could not understand why God let all this happen after me following him for all these years . Well threw invatory i found out and the people here help me to find me so i could do what i need to do but i found i had done nothing wrong ,now i am no saint ,but i had nothing to do with bring the things about that she chose to do ,God gives us freedom of choice and he will not override our will . My wrong came about when i chose to step out of true Love and started making decisions based own emotions and fear and doubt and from them it grew and grew so the true love went out the window and all decisions made during that time were based own s*crewed up emotions and we get so messed up we cant see daylight for the dark so we have to go back to the root of the problem were it started , but then we have to go futher back to see the why of our reaction to it to start with and usually we find in child hood some thing happen we buried never to look at again to us it was like the boggy man . But most of the time when we bring it to the light or surface it was nothing as we had perceived it to be but it had a profound affect own our life and our decisions.

    We get this down on paper so we can look at it and see it for what it is and how we made decision based own this fear that stemmed from it . Its only when we get to the root of the problem and expose it are we able to then fulfill our life in wholeness not based own a fear .Then we can go threw life and dealing with life on life's terms and finding true happiness and freedom from self the bondage of self , we find a new freedom to express our self to feel in ways we never felt before its like we were reborn into a new way of life a new beginning so if this is what you want then i will do what ever i can to help you threw it ,but i will not do what you can do for yourself ,seeing the truth about our self is never easy but to have happiness and true Love in our life we have to be OK with our self and that means truth . I will say this then i will shut up ,you can try to convenience yourself all you want to try and get what you want and see how long it last or you can act your way into having the things you always wanted and have everlasting happiness so its your choice .

    I write all this not to impress you or to feed my ego but just because i care enough to give back what has so freely been given to me out of Love and out of Love i give to You Tooter

  • hotvirgorising,

    you are right. I was thinking that you were taking an unnecessary risk. I had not thought that your reasoning was going to work. But you were right.

  • what do you mean hans?

  • why does he treat me so mean and cold now hans? I have backed off stopped calling him and all then he calls me i also told to leave me be but it does not work why me!!!!!

  • Nevermind hans, i hate him now i cringe when i think of him i no longer care what went wrong thanx for all your help!

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