Hanswolfgang helppppp?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you want that guy back or a guy like him and a solution your problem and you want the whys i will give them to you only if you are wanting to better you self or you can stay in your on Shit but i will tell you now i am not nice like these others here i will call it as i see it and hun i don't hide my name haven't yet and want now but if you want truth i will give you the F ING TRUTH real quick but if you want fear ,resentment and hate ruling your life from now own just stay in your own shit and my name is Delbert Carnley or Tooter to my friends

    I really do hope you are willing to better your self and to find and answer them questions you have

  • thanx

  • yes delbert please i do want him back can you help

  • Hans, I apologise for answering on your thread.

    hotvirgorising, I will not ever respond to any of your threads again. You simply asked a question "What is wrong with me"? I never actually said you had bi-polar, I simply asked if you were ever diagnosed with it because your different writings reflected up's and downs. I don't know what else to say, I wasn't judging you, I was, in my own way trying to suggest an alternative. Your over reaction has me perplexed but then again I have to remember you are still young.

    You asked how old I am? I just turned 50. I have been poz for almost 29 years and I am a certified peer counselor here in the Miami-Dade county public schools, although I've not gone to any schools in a while because of my health deterioration. You suggested I am mad at the world but honestly, I am very happy in my life under the circumstances.

    I couldn't answer earlier because I had a dental appointment but was upset that you took my words the wrong way, I promise you I wasn't trying to attack you or judging you, I know what its like to be judged, all the time.

    Those on here know I'm not mean spirited and I know I wasn't trying to be, what's most important is God knows what is in my heart.

    If it's okay with you I'd like to add your name to the Healing and Prosperity thread (for emotional healing) but I will wait to see your reply first. Regardless, i won't be bothering you again and I hope you can accept my apology that my words made you feel so upset, that was not my intention.

    Have a nice weekend,


  • I will tell you this about him ,if you want him back i think you would be short changing your self i feel you deserve better ,but you will never get him or anyone to stay with you until you deal with you . Now i rather see you with someone who would love and cherish you as you ,but for that to happen you are going to have to change some things about you and it starts with truth.

    Are you willing to face the truth? Tooter

  • First I want to thank all others jumping on this bandwagon, I mean: on this thread. No one has to apologize to me because of that. I appreciate it. Your posts show to me, that you are very compassionate, maybe more compassionate than I am, but what can I do, I am just a man...


    again without interpunction, that means more work for me, isn´t it so?

    Will this pass: YES, CERTAINLY! This will pass too, it always does.

    why did he do this to me: because he was under much stress.

    how could he hurt me this way: by thinking he had to maintain his being distressed.

    Is this karmic: no.

    why do i keep getting hurt by men: because you want do be dominated by the mind of a man.

    Oh how sweet it is to enjoy love,

    living in honesty and strength.

  • OMG your words cut like a knife! Im am trully sorry for making you perplexed you are right im full of ups and downs. I feel a little bad for being smart because you are much older than I and I want to apologize for some of my language but i felt attacked however at that moment that i stumbled across that reply i needed upliftment and that felt like a slap in the face .so my response reflected my feelings at the moment . I come here to feel better not worse but maybe i should learn to take criticism but its hard when i feel like i did nothing wrong i guess because my intentions are good i dont usually care about my actions and that maybe wrong of me :(Im am sorry that i had you upset it makes me feel guilty i dont want any hard feelings i love everyone until i they affect me by making me feel hurt then the next minute im smiling not caring anymore i like to thnk its my gemini sun . Yes you can add me to that thread and if your intentions are good you can reply to my topics i honestly just thought you were being sarcastic because its like you wanted everyone to see this thread but i dont see whats the difference in mine than any other girl going thru it over a cancer man .Anyway i dont want any tension here i will apoligize and hope you see i am just trying to find myself and learning in the process . On a lighter note i am a little funny notice how hans picks on me hehe i think he gets me not sure tho 🙂

  • yes i am willing to face the truth...................

  • Hanswolfgang,

    Sorry i was in a rush, you are right i do want to be dominated by a man ! But only because i am not very strong all the time so i want a strong man ! Is that so wrong ? Whats wrong about wanting to be dominated by the mind of a man?

  • Sorry i meant to put Notshy on that reply

  • Hun i am glad you replyied the way you did it takes a very mature person to admit if they done wrong,and that is one of the first steps in the right direction .You know you have heard that saying it takes a comunity to raise a child ,it is also true as to helping people who get lost in lifes situwations and dont have any direction ,i have been where you are several times and i got lost to but all these people here helped me to find me .

    I will ask you to do some things and talk to you tomorrow and see how you feel i have to work tomorrow but i get in around 3pm here in Oklahoma ,but what i want you to do is tonight and 2 times daily is get own you knees and ask you higher power what ever you choose to call your power and it don't matter if you beleave or not just do it and say God or what ever you choose I offer my self to thee ,to do with me as thy will ,re leave me of the bondage of self that i might better do thy will,take away my difficulties that victory over them may bare wittiness to those i might help with thy Love and Power and thy way of Life may i do thy will always and i pray for the guy that you want his name ,that you give him all of his wants and desires and that you bless him in you name i pray Amen

    But before you do this go look in the mirror at your self and tell yourself you love you and that you are a good person and you deserve love and happiness and you want what is best for you .

    I will talk to you tomorrow and remember everyone here wants the best for you they are not here to hurt you but to help you if they can and one day you will be helping others here to ,you help me by allowing me to help you but i will tell it as i see it .I pray you have a peaceful night and that the Angels comfort you Love Ya Tooter and we all care

  • hotvirgorising,

    Is that so wrong ? No.

    Whats wrong about wanting to be dominated by the mind of a man? Your feeling overburdened. You are taking the game too seriously. It is an inner struggle without reason.

    Be not after excitement, but after ecstasy, something that remains with you forever.

  • Some people see battle,and controlling as excitement. Like some sort of game to see who is the better player.

  • BUT when they win they get bored and move onto the next challenge.

  • All,

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  • Hello Hans:)

    I had a very stressful day today. Reason being; is that I am stressed out about money.

    Hans, do you see things improving for me by November 5th?

    April 21,1973

  • pilot007,

    do you see things improving for me by November 5th? no.

    It looks meaningless

    because you don't create meaning.

    It looks as if it is very dull and drab

    because you are dull and drab.

    Whatsoever you are, existence is that for you.

  • Dangla what do you mean are you talking about the cancer man because he has come back again idk why he wont let it go because im scared to give him another chance what do you see he said he just wanted to say hi and hoped i was ok. This is after i hadnt talked to him in 2 weeks but he came back saying he was out of town what do you feel is his reason for coming back

  • thanx so much delbert i had to catch myself but i am ready for progress

  • hans your right i was taking the game too seriously.

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