Hanswolfgang helppppp?!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ???????????????but hanswolfgang i have never met my father

  • hotvirgorising,

    Tao needs no work on your part. All that you can do

    will be an undoing, because the moment the doer comes,

    nature disappears. The moment the doer takes hold of

    you, you are possessed by the idea of the ego. And then

    there is a wall between you and Tao -- or call it God.

  • i dont understand that not really sure what your suggesting

  • are you telling me to not worry about the unseen to not worry about my future to just let things happen?

  • hotvirgorising,

    are you telling me to not worry about the unseen: yes.

    to not worry about my future: yes.

    to just let things happen? no.

    Pouring out his troubles to his great and good friend

    over a couple of triple martinis, Brad had to confess

    that things were not going too well at home.

    "My wife and I just don't hit it off at night," he

    was saying to Bart. "I hate to admit it, but I am

    afraid I just don't know how to make her happy."

    "Hell boy," said Bart, "there is really nothing to

    it. Let me give you some advice. At bedtime, switch on

    romantic music, turn all the lights low and

    spray some perfume around the room. Next, tell your

    wife to get into her sheerest nightie; then make sure

    you raise the bottom window."

    "Then what do I do?" asked Brad.

    "Just whistle."


    "That's right. I will be waiting outside the window.

    When I hear you whistle, I will come right up and

    finish the job."

  • Thanx so much you have such great insight i so get it hehe Hanswolfgang you have such a way with words thanx so much !

  • hotvirgorising,

    thanx for your understanding!

    So when you ask when he will be coming, I don't mean

    plan for it. I simply mean let there be a simple

    thought about it. Because if you don't have any

    thought, your mind becomes vagrant. You become

    accidental. Then anything goes -- and anything takes

    you away from your situation. One thing leads to

    another, another thing leads to another, and there is

    no sequence.

  • ????What do you mean when i ask when will he be coming? Im not sure of what you are referring to.

  • Hanswolfgang

    what if i cant live with out the cancer man i know you say its over but what could i do to get him back write a letter etcetc i love him i cant let this i miss him im not going to be able to open up to any other man i dont think .I want him back there must be something you can tell me that will get him !You said i missed out on a good thing but how is that so if he supposedly isnt right for me does that mean i dont deserve a good thing wtf please help me get him back i dont want anyone else!

  • hotvirgorising,

    You ought to be ashamed of yourself. So many of us have communicated with you about your current situation. I would have to agree that you want to dominate people and are prone to manipulation. One day you say it's over and you thank the reader, then the next you say "I want him back". IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU WANT. GROW UP!!!!!

    Yes, I am being harsh, you need to read ALL of your comments that you've posted all over these forums. You are out of control, if you are like this with the cancer guy it's no wonder he has moved on. Have you tried showing gratitude to any of us who've tried to help you? No, you move on to another reader.

    Try reading this post: http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=8558

    Before you decide to retaliate with your temper please read ALL of your threads and see what WE see.

  • @notshy,

    Hmm im trying to understand what you mean how do i try to dominate people and i always say thank you to whoever replies to me are you upset ?I dont recall you ever replying but i will have to check anyway i dont think its anything wrong with me in that way i am just very curious and love to hear a variety of opinions sorry if that rubs you the wrong way btw i dont see what that thread that you refered to me has to do with me please feel free to explain i am now also curious as to what exactly you see i dont really feel like reading all my threads but if you could explain that would be greatly appreciated btw is<<< that the gratitude you were looking for wow i mean i could see if other opinions werent available but there are so why cant i open new threads to hear from them?You are right i change my mind often with him too and right this second i no longer am that into him so oh well i mean i dont see how im being manipulative please elaborate it is welcomed hehe i am shocked i think i have been very courteous for the most part actually i think i was very nice and soft spoken and didnt get that in return but i am not upset im grateful that they did not tell me exactly what i wanted to hear hmmm idk blame it on my sun in gemini my moon in virgo my mars in cancer perhaps my venus in taurus please explain why you feel that way about me i think im giving off the wrong impression .:(

  • hotvirgorising,

    ????What do you mean when i ask when will he be coming? Did you never ask that? I agree with notshy: reread what you have written instead of asking me about what you had asked. I mean, you just want attention, that is all.

    what could i do to get him back: if this is your topmost goal (I doubt it), then pool all your energy and be dedicated to this goal.

    write a letter: no.

    but how is that so: by the lack of real understanding.

    does that mean i dont deserve a good thing: no.

    please help me get him back: stop separating yourself from all others.

    I am reminded of a story. A woodcutter used to go

    into the woods every day. Sometimes he had to remain

    hungry because it was raining; sometimes it was too

    hot, sometimes it was too cold.

    A mystic lived in the woods. He watched the

    woodcutter growing old, sick, hungry, working hard the

    whole day. He said, "Listen, why don't you go a little


    The woodcutter said "What am I going to get a little

    further? More wood? Unnecessarily carrying that wood

    for miles?"

    The mystic said, "No. If you go a little further, you

    will find a copper mine. You can take the copper into

    the city, and that will be enough for seven days. You

    need not come every day to cut the wood."

    The man thought, "Why not give it a try?"

    He went in and found the mine. And he was so happy...

    he came back and fell at the feet of the mystic.

    The mystic said, "Don't rejoice too much right now.

    You have to go a little deeper into the woods."

    "But," he said, "what is the point? Now I have got

    seven days' food."

    The mystic said, "Still...."

    But the man said, "I will lose the copper mine if I

    go further."

    He said, "You go. You certainly will lose the copper

    mine, but there is a silver mine. And whatsoever you

    can bring will be enough for three months."

    "The mystic has proved right about the copper mine,"

    the woodcutter thought. "Perhaps he is also right about

    the silver mine." And he went in and found the silver


    And he came dancing, and he said, "How can I pay you?

    My gratitude knows no bounds."

    The mystic said, "Don't be in a hurry. Go a little


    He said, "No! I cannot. I will lose the silver mine."

    The mystic said, "But there is a gold mine just few

    steps deeper."

    The woodcutter was hesitant. In fact, he was such a

    poor man, that having a silver mine -- he had never

    dreamed of it.

    But if the mystic is saying it, who knows? -- he may

    still be right. And he found the gold mine. Now it was

    enough to come once a year.

    But the mystic said, "It will be a long time -- one

    year from now you will be coming here. I am getting old

    -- I may not be here, I may be gone. So I have to tell

    you, don't stop at the gold mine. Just a little


    But the man said, "Why? What is the point? You show

    me one thing, and the moment I get it, you immediately

    tell me to drop that and go ahead! Now I have found the

    gold mine!"

    The mystic said, "But there is a diamond mine just a

    few feet deeper in the forest."

    The woodcutter went that very day, and he found it.

    He brought many diamonds, and he said, "This will be

    enough for my whole life."

    The mystic said, "Now perhaps we may not meet again,

    so my last message is: now that you have enough for

    your whole life, go in! Forget the forest, the copper

    mine, the silver mine, the gold mine, the diamond mine.

    Now I give you the ultimate secret, the ultimate

    treasure that is within you. Your outer needs are

    fulfilled. Sit the way I am sitting here."

    The poor man said, "Yes, I was wondering... you know

    all these things -- why do you go on sitting here? The

    question has arisen again and again. And I was just

    going to ask, `Why don't you get all those diamonds

    lying there? Only you know about them. All that gold!

    Why do you go on sitting under this tree?'"

    The mystic said, "After finding the diamonds, my

    master told me, `Now sit under this tree and go in.'"

    The man dropped all the diamonds there, and he said,

    "Perhaps we may not meet again. I don't want to go home

    -- I am going to sit here by your side. Please teach me

    how to go in, because I am a woodcutter. I know how to

    go deeper into the woods, but I don't know how to go


    The mystic said, "But all your diamonds, gold,

    copper, silver -- all that will be lost, because all

    these things are valueless for one who goes in."

    The woodcutter said, "Don't be bothered about that.

    You have been right up to now. I trust you, that you

    will be right in this last stage too."

  • I get that im very dramatic i see what you guys mean .........................but if i lack real understanding i mean what am i suppose to understand from all this i really am trying to change but not sure how it will help me and whats the point of changing if it wont help me

  • I think i have a little extra time on my hands and that is why i seem to keep posting

  • Hans would you be so kind as to check this thread out and tell me what you think.


    Thank you in advance.

  • hotvirgorising,

    what am i suppose to understand from all this: if you ask for some advice, then try to practice whatever was said to you. If you only ask to get that answer you wanted to get, there will be no understanding possible.

    Don't be worried if you cannot find the meaning.

    There is nothing to be worried about.

    Become blissful.

  • KuriousKat,

    Buddha used to say to his disciples, "For one year,

    just keep quiet and be silent. After one year,

    whatsoever you want to ask you can ask." But after one

    year, they will not ask because questions wither away.

    The more silent you become, the less questions arise

    because questions are part of a noisy mind. Questions

    are not coming out of your life, out of your existence

    and being. They are coming out of a mad mind. When the

    maddening drops a little, noise stops a little, and the

    traffic disappears in the mind -- along with the

    traffic and the noise -- questions also disappear.

    Suddenly there is silence.

    Silence is the answer.

  • I got goosebumps now LOL... Silence is what I crave. Thank you Hans. 😄

  • thank you hanswolfgang i see your point .i hope you are right because it seems i cant stop worrying if however i try very hard to become blissful then will i get what i want from life because you are right that guy is NOT my topmost goal my goal is to feel and be successful i would like a career in music writing do you see that ever being possible i am not sure how to go about it but i feel once i get a foot in the door i will be very good at it what should be my focus right now i value your opinion because it kind of makes me relax this is a learning process for me

  • KuriousKat,

    we are a strange people, who turn even love into a

    bondage. I receive any number of wedding invitations

    from time to time. Someone's daughter is going to be

    married; another friend's son is being married. They

    invariably write in their invitation letters that their

    daughter or son is going to be "bound with the fetters

    of love." We turn even love, which is utter freedom,

    into shackles.

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