Cancer guy is he still interested?

  • Ive seen on other forums cancers seems to all be the same distant and confusing lol im a sag by the way ( i know were supposed to be complete opposites) 20/f

    okay sorry this is long lol well i started working at this place for about 3 months now and i met this cancer guy there about 2 or 3 weeks of me working there everyone said that he thought i was pretty and liked me and didnt want anyone to talk to me but he was just kidding about the last part kinda...and he then asked for my number eventually then asked me out but it took him like 2 weeks to actually go through with it (a guy at work asked me out too, and the day after that cancer asked me out and we actually hung out that night i guess he was jealous?) well this was the end of august and i was going back to college ( i commute) and he was starting college ( he lives at a apartment there and is 20 minutes away from me) well that week we hung out 3 times and i was the last person he saw before he went back to school it was the 3rd date and as he was taking me home he mentioned that this happened to him before he was seeing a girl and he *ucked it up with her, he said dont think im ignoring you im just really busy with school ( he is going for athletic training) and he said if i wanted to continue this i could see him at school or he could come home and see me and he said i dont want you to think im messing with you and i said yeah it would be weird at work i would kick your butt if ya did lol just kidding though and he said yeah i know it would be bad...well then after that he kissed me goodbye like a kiss when your not gonna see someone for awhile (he also met my parents that day too) well he only works weekends cause hes so busy with school now so after that we didnt talk or hang out for 2 weeks ( he never texted me just to talk) i had to do it and when i did i said i never hear from you and he says sorry i have so much work to do...but i still saw him on the weekends at work and we would flirt..well fast forward to now..i havent hung out with him in 3 weeks ( two weekends ago was his homecoming and last weekend was his fall break) he took off for both weekends from work well on saturday he came in to get his check at work ( and he always comes in to get it when i work) it was the first time i saw him in a week and he ran out of there and didnt talk to me later i got a text saying sorry he didnt talk to me he wanted to but our manager was in and he didnt wanna talk to him ( it was about scheduling stuff) and i said its okay and he said what are you doing tonight i said i dont know he said im hanging out with my brother tonight maybe but if not u wanna hang out i said sure let me know later that night he text me saying hes with his brother i said thats fine he said we can hang out tomorrow ill either be home or at school but either way i want to hang out with you only if you can and want to which i thought was weird sounding he never puts it like if i can or want to i said yeah sure text me when you know what your doing ..well the next day i never got a text and i texted him that night saying oh did you forget about me and i never got an answer back until the next day at 9 in the morning saying hey i didnt forget i was at my dads my phone died and while it charged i fell asleep ( he didnt say sorry and i said ok back because i was mad, but i dont think he got i was mad) which i kinda believe since he has a blackberry and he always tells me it dies and since he text me at 9 in the morning it sounded legit and i mean he wanted to hang out with me i didnt ask him to hang out so why would he bail if he said would you want to hang out ya know? well i was upset that day i cried and cried i was so upset i cried once over a guy before so i really like this guy. I was with my friend and she mistakenly called him on my phone she quickly hung up and like 10 minutes later he texted me saying did you call me i said sorry my phone calls people he said its okay hows work and i said work was fun without him just kidding and he said now we both know thats not true which i thought was good and we talked about work more and that was it...the thing is he never told me he was on fall break and usually he tries to hang out with me before he goes back to school if he comes home...ive been over his house like 3 times one time he came home his brother wanted to hang out with him and he said sorry im with danielle i have priorities man. and then another time i hung out with him he came home and said his friends were waiting for him at school but he blew them off for me and i said i feel special and he said you should i thought it was cute...the thing is he dosent ever text once every other week maybe i texted him first last week and he said hey i feel like i havent talked to you in a while and i said how was homecoming he said good i drank all day and went in early i dont know i was really tired ...oh and like 3 weeks ago he asked me to go to a party and i said maybe i dont know how to get to your school and he said its easy and that his roomates wont be home and i would have a parking spot and he texted me 3 times that day to see if i was going but my brothers birthday was that day so i couldnt go and he said thats fine dont worry about it and later that night he texted me so he was thinking about me..and his facebook picture is with a girl but everyone said its probably a friend...i just dont get it though..i havent seen him for 3 weeks and couldnt hang out with me when his phone died when he asked me to hang out why didnt you let me know your phone died? and like he always says at work i have to stay longer i clocked in late when i just get in work and he says i work saturdays now you get to see me more and stuff. And when we hang out we cuddle and we hold hands and he kisses me forehead even his little sister one time said hey is she your girlfriend and he kinda i dont get it..and i feel like i shouldnt text him since we didnt have our date since his phone died and he didnt apologze so i feel like he should text me right? the thing is we havent talked about our feelings about each other yet and i want to do that but i wanna do it in person when i see him we need to communicate better but i feel like he needs to work harder at it ya know? ugh cancers are so confusing! what do you guys think? what should i do? and if you need anything cleared up just let me know i felt like i was kinda rambling lol

  • I just got done dealing with a crab with similar disappearing reappearing habits like your guy. I finally had to let it go. This behaviour will not stop. You have to understand that you'll have to keep yourself very busy to not notice when he decides to be distant and do his own thing. Bottom line is a man will do what he truly wants to do if he wants to. The phone dying sounds like a valid excuse so you can give him the benefit of the doubt but do you really want to be around someone that treats you like an after thought. If you had fall break what would you be doing in regards to him?..............................Exactly

    I feel bad for you hunny because I just though this and the feeling sucks. 😞

  • 😞 its so hard though.. i really like him ughhh but he gets mad when i mention other guys i dont get moving on is the best thinking? you dont think talking about it with him will help at all?

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