Why is this capricorn man ignoring me for no reason?

  • well almost heres what happened we were goofing around talking and playing in the park and someone called the cops the cops said they got a call that stated domestic violence so they asked him to put his hands up on my car but they let him go no punishment so he walked over to me kissed me and walked away and never answered my calls again i kinda joked about it first saying you abused me but it was a joke anyway will he ever call me again i mean what do i do so wrong ???????help

  • btw the talk in the park consisted of him telling me he wanted to be with me marry me etc etc he even let me answer his phone and tell a girl not to call him anymore then he asked me to tell my friends not to call me anymore but i said no and he said but i let you hmm just wanted to add that just to see if that played a part he also fully opened to me telling me his mother passed and he kind of had a rough life

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