Is he gone forever ?HELPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

  • I miss my cancer man soooooooooo much i pushed him away again by accident its just he cant understand how to respond to my dramatic outburst anyway i love him and i think it is meant to be i try to date other gyts but it keeps turning out to be a disaster literally so now idk what to do he makes me feel so safe i miss him i left him a voicemail last night saying i loved him he hasnt responded will he ever i trust him with me for some stange reason but whyyyyyyyyyy helpppppp:(

  • Well pretty much sums up my sstory with the dramatics which he couldn't take at the end. I think these guys are very sensitive so dramatics to us are just to blow off some steam but they take them very very seriously. I'm honestly not sure what I can tell you. From what I know of my cancer, he always answers when I write him or call, so just give him time and he should respond unless he's still mad at you. Then you're gonna have to wait till he calms down. Good luck!

  • thanx for the good luck wish hope it works hehe i think i might have pushed him permanetly away

  • permanently*

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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