Confused & would appreciate any of the readers insight. Thx.

  • I'm just trying to see if you could help me shed some light on the situation. It seems as if i'm suddenly stuck in a possible triangle between my running coach (Aquarius - Feb 6, 1983) and my mentor (Capricorn - Jan 14, 1980) who are both sort of within my age range (I'm a Sagittarius - Dec 18, 1984). Please help me clear our this situation or shed some light in it. I've been trying to see if i can read my intuition but at times i'm still not sure if i'm synchronizing it well. Seems that both of them may have some interest for me, although i think i may be leaning more towards Aqua man. Is this all me seeing things or actually happening? What are their intentions? All of the sudden, it just seems that the guys that i'm interacting with are either Scorpios or Aquarians from the early days in February.

    Also, something that i guessed put a bit of a twist to my confusion occurred last night. Aqua coach invited me a couple of days ago to a concert that he was gave last night since him and his friend are trying to start a band. I went with some friends, everything was good but i ran into a girl that i've known for a little while through mutual friends. I'm not sure why but i can't get this feeling out of me that she likes him too. I'm kind of shy when somewhere interests me and feel that maybe i should back off and leave the path open for her in case she indeed does like him. But then again, i'm not sure either like how he sees me and if me just dropping everything altogether is the best route to take. 😕

    Thank you very much for your time and would certainly appreciate your insight. Have a great day!

  • Ask urself this gurl., do i want him fully n utterly as my man? if the reply is yes or n yes i think so, then dont let ANY get in ya way. if the reply is no, then step down.

    Good luck sweetie

  • CWB,

    Thank you and you're right. Even though i know i shouldn't, i tend to second guess myself a lot in a lot of things and especially when it comes to this kind of stuff. Probably a lot may have to do with the fact that i'm always (literally everyday) being put down by my "maternal figure" with negative talk. After a while, even if i know is not true is hard to re-build confidence. I was even talking to one of my good guy friends over the weekend and his actual text said, "I don't understand how you don't know the effect you have on guys. Just go for it." He's not the first to say something like that, but again, is hard for me to see at times what others are seeing from the outside. This aquaman does catch my interest a lot and i would fully like him as more than a friend/coach. I can identify with a lot of his aspects which are the same ones that i do look for in a guy (family oriented, smart, great personality, down to earth, etc). Again, CWB. Thank you very much for your response. 😃

  • Oh Hon how i know this too well. N from one who knows who is there at times has been there n come through it n will again, URE STRONGER THAN U THINK U ARE!!! trust that sweetie. If all else fail just think n think it often write it down read it many times, im a much better person than they can ever hope to become then as now.!

    Lean on those who knows u deep n well as that bud of urs. N note this n its important. the neg ass speaks of him herself when they claim u is this or that. try to see them as spoiled off ass brats. See if it aint containing some silver lining for ya.

    U n me n people like us, we´re phoenixes always rising from a fire, like we fall burn turn to ash but we always ALWAYS rise again.

    im here sweetie for ya.


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