Can't find any candy

  • wat clues i dont understand???

  • Today I didn't know where to look and didn't know if I had time but then I said to myself, "What the hex, I'll give it a try." And found it, did I.

  • i agree w/ the vast majority of can't finds, i have looked everywhere and "can't find" either the clues or te candy lol can someone please help

  • Hi!! I loved your clue!! Gave me a laugh this morning. Thanks!

  • To everyone who is having trouble finding the candy, let me offer some help. The clues are coming from people like ourselves who are doing some serious and sometimes long searching over this entire website. They blog some clues for the rest of us. I am soooo grateful for these people as I don't have long periods of time to search either. They are being so wonderful in helping us. Here's what you need to do: go into the BLOG area, click on our favorite, COSMIC REPORTER, then click on the article about SUPER KC being kidnapped...go to the "comments" at the bottom of the article, and start on the last page of comments. You have to read what the others are blogging about finding the candy. You may also have to work your way back to some of the previous pages. Read the blogs for the current day. Several people are posting good clues. Then go to the top of this site, the "dropdown" menus, and start hunting in the areas related to the clues. I hope this helps. It has helped me a lot! And, it helps SUPER KC, our hero! He's working himself free with all the good Karma going on. I want to contribute more good Karma by helping others find the candy! Happy hunting!!!!

  • Life in the cosmos is good and getting better! Each passing day, I can look forward to candy!!! Especially when it's time for LOVE---The forecasted kind, that is!! Happy Hunting!

  • I have only found candy once, i LOVED it when i found it but since then i spend litterally hours looking and no luck. Can you find it more than once. I understand it is supposed to be everyday. but i found it 6 days ago and not since.

  • if you want to find the candy today’s clue you can see it on “Help Free Super KC!” blog in the go at the last pages………the candy was already found…………i’ll give the clue here anyway….but look there the next time………the clue is: “Love” the “opposite attraction”(is a link and you find it on the right of the page) this should garantee you a treat!…………….good hunting everyone!……let’s free super KC!

  • It's a horris little game. I spend so much time looking that I don't really read anythign on the pages I browse in search for the candy.

    They hide the candy way too deep.

    This game is a bust!

  • I'm turning into a bonified CANDY FEIND!! I used the clues from the responses in the Free Super KC today for the first time and it seemed like cheating. So I'll be on tonight when they hide it elsewhere and payback for the tip. I didn't know that clues were being left there til yesterday!! I've been finding the candy all alone. It is a fun game. I wish Halloween was forever!!

  • What’s Your Karma Chemistry? Look in “LOVE” for your free report and a “sweet” surprise too!

  • go to the blogs......cosmic reporter and the the 3rd one in the list "Help free Super KC"....and then regard to the comments of that the last pages every day you will find where the candy is from those that already found it................and there are people that find it just a few minutes after is at "Karma Central" from About Tarot or About Astrology...or the way that EMB said ...........there is another way also but i dont remember now...........any way u have 3 posibilities to find it...........each way works!....

  • Check the drop downs today especially if you haven't read your HOROSCOPE. Theres something sweet to say about KARMA CENTRAL. good hunting to all.

  • Blogs ->"Cosmic reporter"->"Help free Super KC"-> Comments (last pages of comments)

    you find there clues to find the sweets every is worth 10kc and it is in Horoscope->Compatibility-> Friend Meter...........have a sweet day!

  • I was on the ASTROLOGY tab and decided to check my ELECTION HOROSCOPE 08 and there was FRIEND CAPATABILITY figured i would see how compatible my friend and i are and got candy for breakfast!!!

  • Yes, it is hidden very well. I have searched for it high and low and haven't found any.

  • Good Early Morning all!!! Hey, does anyone know if "Divination in the Media" is useful? (WINK,WINK)

  • check on your ASTROLOGY today interesting NEWS CENTRAL topics is there DIVINATION IN THE MEDIA? idk, but it is sweet to read about.

  • Thanks for the clue for October 16. I'd been searching every day the hard way and had only found the candy once before. Should I stumble onto some candy I'll be sure to pass it forward.

  • Thanks for the tips because its becoming REALLY obvious to me that does NOT want this to be easy! While I can apprecaite a hunt finding the candy has been about as easy for me as finding Bigfoot and once the fun is gone its no longer a game.

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