Can't find any candy

  • Is there more than one candy item per day, or is it just one? It's hidden really well today whatever the case.

  • You must follow the Clues! (((I won 10 KC yesterday!)))


  • Where are you getting clues?

  • Where are we supposed to find the clues to make the candy hunt easier? I have searched high and low and can't find any. Is there a special place where the clues are posted?HELP!! I need karma coins!!

  • I can't find any candy either 😞

    I have been down every tab and drop down menu so many times this las week and I can't find anything! HELP!

  • I too am finding it difficult locating clues

  • I can't find any candy anywhere., I am new to this so i don't know if i am looking in the right places

  • I can't find any candy anywhere., I am new to this so i don't know if i am looking in the right places

  • Yes! I would like to know too where these so called "clues" to finding the candy are! I have tried for a week now, and can't find anything! Nothing like making it hard and nearly impossible to find it!

  • I agree with the "can't find" majority. How about a clue to find the clues? I don't have the time to spend searching and searching and finding nothing. If I would have even found one candy, it wouldn't have been worth the time I spend looking for it.

  • hello fellow frustrated sweet toothers

    like yourself it seems to me whoever is hiding the candy is almost making it "impossible"

    the clues I determine to be "explore the tabs & drop down menus"

    7 tabs

    9 drop down menus ( which change from tab to tab)

    i console myself that whoever is hiding is creating their own kandy-karma too


    remember to brush and floss

    or swish and swirl?


  • for all of you that can't find the should start looking in the blogs you have a liknk called "Help Free Super KC! " oyu will find there the clues......for today i must tell you to see your chinees sign will find the clues on the blog anyway............good hunting!.............i hope i could held

  • Well, I have to inform those who don't find candy or clues that its because there aren't any clues in the blogs during the middle of the week! I know this because I have taken the time to find candy everyday and there aren't any clues to where I found it on that particular day at all! I found candy today on the clue of the last reply before mine. So thanks. I would have found it on my own, but with your help, this was faster!

  • hey all! if you are having trouble finding candy, check out the Cosmic Reporter's Blog.... "Help Free Super KC" . there are lots of clues there!! hope this helps!

  • Don't give up! As the upper comments said, just go to the Blogs and under the cosmic reporter is the free Super KC...for Friday's clues, I would suggest starting with page 22 or maybe 23. The clues are being posted by other Tarot members who have tons of patience and excellent hunting skills and more than enough compassion to leave clues for the rest of us.

    Good luck and don't let the frustration get you down, there's more than enough good karma and candy for all to enjoy ~*~

  • Whoa...sorry about the over use of "more than enough"....time for this chick to get some sleep!


  • A find the find the candy!!!! LOL

    And NO....I haven't found any either.

  • Wow! that was really hard! The only way I found the candy today was a clue given on one of the blogs here...It's in I-Ching under the browse hexagon page at the bottom, sorry. but I have been looking for over 3hrs for the darn thing..can't imagine putting everyone else thru get candy!!!

  • THANKS, "Luckydolphin"...I found the candy right where you said it would be, yeah!!!!

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