@OzzieLou said in 2 options- check my interpretation: Option 1: A card representing it: tower Positive aspect: empress Challenge: chariot Outcome: ace of wands For me I see Option 1 as the option that seems to say everything is all shook up, it asks you surrender and be given the opportunity to rebuild things as you desire, to bring things into fruition bringing abundance, the challenge maybe because of the direction you must move in, whether you feel like you are moving too quickly or slowly? or are you still in contemplation. Is there the possibility of Success.. There is possible outcome of a breakthrough, a new venture, enterprise to the situation.... Option 2: A card representing it: page of cups Positive aspect: 3 of pentacles Challenge: knight of cups Outcome: 3 of cups I look at Option 2 as being one that you may feel easily wounded, hurt by what others feel about the situation, you will be recognized as being part of team but yet do you really want to accept the news that could be received, we have no idea whether positive or negative news but yet the outcome does speak of a reason to celebrate ..... Ultimately the decision must be yours to make .... Which deck did you use? as imagery can hold clues for the reading..