@OzzieLou The Fool can talk also about it being a risk, it could mean that you could take a risk within the situation... For me my first thoughts when I looked at these cards ... Of maybe a situation that was inherited, or it felt maybe the relationship with you was a pattern from the past on some level... He may of thought it was a relationship that was tempered , it may have not felt like it was one way or the other... Moderate on some level ... The Biggest challenge maybe about the youthful creative energy on some level of the relationship , maybe the messages he felt from within. so he felt the relationship maybe a risk to be taken or maybe it could feel as though the relationship is risky ... The outcome could also speak of a reminder to have fun, be free-spirited... maybe it is time for some laughter in your own lives.... Some thoughts into what the cards could speak of .... What deck do you use?