@gracelovestarot Dear Grace! Do you know that Ace of Wands depicts the start of Spring?! Ace of Wands Reversed therefore is the later half of spring. And The Ace of Swords is the start of the Fall! So, These cards tell you How the period between The later half of spring and the start of the next fall would go! And the last card 10 of Swords Reversed then tells you Rejuvenation clearly!! So -- From the later half of spring(Ace of Wands Reversed), you will lose some energy(Strength Reversed) arguing with someone close to you (5 of Swords), and you will be more disheartened as the other person may win over you. (This is clear from the fact that Strength reversed which is you losing energy, is facing the 5 of Swords which is the other person standing strong and upright facing you in turn) This will keep you upset till the beginning of the next fall (Ace of Swords) but as the fall comes along, you will be highly rejuvenated!! (10 of Swords Reversed) Hence, this period will be a period of some heartbreak and loss of energy but now that you already know about it, as your cards tried to show you eagerly, you can turn that around by being cautious as to not let that happen and if in case it still happens and you feel low, you can plan your escape in advance and you'll know what to do when it happens!! May this take of mine on your cards help you save your happiness and energy!! All the best! Look through the cards again and you'll understand now!!