Hi @TulipLilly and thanks for the question. "Yes" is the answer. I do have favourite decks. I suppose the Rider Waite, Haindl and Art Nouveau decks. I use the RW deck as an all purpose deck which can be used for almost any kind of question and spread and it does have a Universal deck too. The HAINDL deck I use for psychic readings, mainly because I have never believed I'm psychic but by combining these cards and a certain spread I do pick things up that I don't with other decks, it's more than likely down to the imagery and symbolism on them. The Art Nou are small and compact with story-like images and also fit in my pocket. I would expect every reader has their own favourite deck. It's what you're comfortable with and how much you connect with a deck. It's up to you really, I have never advocated one deck over the other to anybody. I hope that has helped and thank you for asking me. Stay safe and keep reading.