@anoobis Hi.. hope you are able to get a test to check one way or the other ... A quick look at the meanings of the card .... 1: The Moon (reversed)- inconstancy, risk, uncertainty, Confusion 2: The Fool (reversed)- Indiscretion, I feel it can speak also of not yet ready for what is happening at this time.. not ready to take the plunge. 3: Two of pentacles (upright)multitasking, juggling, prospects, possibilities ... can also ask one to look at one's priorities ... Overall it feels as though there is definitely some confusion to what may or may not be in the works right now, you feel as though you are not ready for what may or may not be .. There is always the possibility of things being on the path ... I feel it is picking up on your own energy at this time of how you are feeling within self ... There are no Birth cards so to speak, no Empress (fertility) , Death (Transformations ) , no aces (new Beginnings) etc ... no Queens either in this reading ... Hope this helps .. I really feel the best course of action would be to see a Midwife or a Dr or to do a test if possible asap. Take care. To make sure either way.