@hekatesxing Summary of Year Gone - 3 of Pentacles Overall it has been a year of working with others, being recognized for your abilities. Career Outlook- 10 of Wands- maybe this career may feel as a burden.. needing commitment to overcome this challenge .. Finances Outlook- Queen of Pentacles Nurturing your budget carefully ..... Love outlook- 7 of Cups - there may be choices,and options given to you but that may not all be of value to your journey. Family and Friends Outlook- king of Wands (RX) This could be a blockage or a delay to a venture with friends... Spirituality Outlook- 8 of Swords- feeling suppressed, bound, blinded to what is possible within your Spirituality ... Jan-March outlook- 8 of Pentacles- it may be a time to finish the tasks at hand ... April-June Outlook- 3 of Swords, may be a time of heartbreak, feeling betrayed...how are you going to choose to deal with this moment. July-Sept Outlook- The World- may be time to say farewell, goodbye to old cycle as you move over new thresholds. Oct- Dec Outlook- Temperance- these months may include a time of remembering to be moderate in your actions, not too extreme , the only way to bring a sense of transformation to your journey... Biggest Obstacle you will face- Page of Pentacles this card can speak of overcoming the challenge of understanding the need to have experience in something you are enthusiastic about- I feel it is not just about practice but doing .... How to tackle that obstacle- The Empress arrives to ask that we nurture ourselves, know that time is fertile to create in this journey ... Overview of the year ahead....Death .. It will be a year of many changes.. The transformation may be huge for self over the year ... moving through the darkness into the light .... My Thoughts re this spread - quick thoughts ,,,,,