@TheCaptain for now I’m working on myself. I needed to do it along time ago. I even thought of in the starting of my move up North. I got to fix certain things and I got to help myself. I will be his close friend and I’m there for him. I care and love him a lot. I have a strong love for people I care for. Wait for him? yes but even right now. I’m not even thinking of relationships or anything about that right now. That’s not my goal, my goal is to help myself first. I love him but I have to worry what’s next for me. Health/Work/Money… I’m here as support like he is with me. He told me bad news about his friend disappointing him about not being a roommate anymore. He wanted to save money and try to balance out his financial stuff. The only advice I gave him was.. live alone and find a studio. I can help him find one if he likes me to.