Constant verbal or mental activity can strain the relationship, although witty repartee or caustic wordplay would be usual. The relationship can be stymied by your Aquarian's temper, which can stupefy you, rendering you inactive. You, for your part, may detract from the relationship by simply refusing to see his point of view. Given the relationship’s emphasis on the mental rather than the physical or emotional, it may not be strong enough to sustain such dynamic interaction. A romantic relationship will search endlessly for change - both of you can bore easily and require a lot of stimulus - which isn’t always for the best, for over-stimulation can bring frazzled nerves and, eventually, collapse. Learning to avoid excess, and to be content with moderate activity and interest, is vital to the relationship’s health. Overall, this is something of a fair-weather relationship and, when one or the other of you is over it, it will be done.