@Anonymous78 hello, First thing we don't need a guy who ghost us ...this is the most immature thing . Love yourself enough to know that how u should be treated , we accept the love we think we deserve , U said when u try dating other guy it turned awful, i think firstly u should love yourself,when u start to do that ur energy and vibration will increase and u will learn about healthy boundaries , When u will love yourself u will be able to cut the toxic people easily. For now just spend time with yourself and connect with yourself - mediation,self care routine, dancing, painting, affirmation..doing whattt u loveee .. once u start giving love to yourself , universe will give u the love that u deserve. And if u don't start ur journey with you ,it will be an rollar coaster ride of emotions. And we don't need someone with whom we will have anxiety, emotional issue.. We think we know what love is but when hard time come people leave , Real love is like home ,it might not be perfect but still it will always be safe ..that's the love we deserve .where u deserve to be safe and treated with love ,when u start to give urself that love u will get it And once u really start to know what love you deserve,u won't care about attraction/pull whether they are twinflame or soulmate it doesn't matter, what really matter is how we are feeling,and getting treated in a connection . And if u are not feeling safe(home love) u will be able to move on from toxic connection easily, cause u will know what environment u deserve to be in . I hope it helps